Matt Dames never imagined that he would be on the path that he has been traveling on for the last few years. Matt’s interest in photography developed while he was in high school. Photography started as a hobby and soon developed into a lifestyle...

Matt discovered his love and enthusiasm for photography while attending Moorpark College. He began to research the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography and instantly knew that Brooks would be the school that would best be able to foster his passion. While Matt attended Brooks he began an internship as a photo retoucher at Sony Pictures Entertainment, working on movies such as Spider-man 3, The Da Vince Code and Quantum of Solace. Proving his drive and aptitude for photo retouching and photography, he was soon brought on as an independent contractor. Matt continues to work for Sony and has worked on numerous feature films including many blockbusters such as Michael Jackson’s ‘This is It’, The Social Network, Burlesque, The Other Guys and The Green Hornet. His retouching work can be seen in both domestic and international publications.

Matt not only loves creating images on the computer but also capturing moments in time through his lens. “Photography is not just my hobby, but also my passion and how I live my life. I love photography because it is ever changing and there is never a dull moment. Every shot is a new adventure.” Matt has had the privilege of shooting various red carpet events with celebrities including Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Jaden Smith, Jackie Chan, the Cast of Glee and Adam Sandler. He proudly shoots for Sony Pictures (TriStar and Columbia Pictures), NBC Universal, Style Network, Sunkist, Full Throttle Communications, and many more.

Matt Graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography in December 2007, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Professional Photography. Each day he strives to incorporate his love and passion into his work.